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What is blankyclip?

blankyclip is a baby safe clip that secures a blanket to a stroller. I invented blankyclip when my son Eli was two months old. He was one of those babies who only took naps if he was being pushed in a stroller, so this meant I had to take to the streets. Not only did the stroller need to be in motion for him to sleep, but it needed a blanket cover to block out lights and sounds. After the zillionth time that my blanket fell in the street and got dirty, I had an “Aha!” moment: “Why can’t there be a soft, padded, easy to open and safe for babies clip to secure my blanket to my stroller?”

It took over five years to go from idea to manufactured product, and by the time I was selling blankyclip I had three patents to protect my “child-safe fastening device.” blankyclip went from being a padded and loosely tensioned clip to doubling as a cuddly toy with animal designs on top. I sold them in pairs with a soft blanket, as a gift set, and individually. Then the Great (really?) Recession hit and I started writing my tale.

Videos we made with our kids to shamelessly sell blankyclips!